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Welcome to FreezingAssets.org!

Freezing Assets is a forum for opinions on markets, compliance and other financial topics of interest exclusively created by our friends and colleagues here in Minnesota. We believe that by establishing a site for locally generated content we can provide our readers with thoughtful articles and commentary by people they know and trust, and give our members a place to share their ideas and issues that concern them.  We have a strong, vibrant financial community and by giving it a voice we can become an even stronger community that others across the nation will better see and recognize.

Since our content is user-generated, we have no restrictions on financial or financial industry topics—be it local, national, or internationally oriented. All we ask is that our contributors:

  1. Be relevant
  2. Be brief
  3. Be yourself
  4. Have fun with it

This forum will only be as powerful and relevant as we make it. Therefore we encourage you to send us your content. This can be original articles, quarterly letters, blog, or any other format you like. We will strive to place locally generated content on the site quickly and unedited to keep the author’s original thoughts and intentions, but retain the right to make suggestions or decline any material that may be inappropriate for this forum.

How do I participate? Send your material to editor@FreezingAssets.org. It’s that simple.


Get involved with Freezing Assets. This will be fun.

CFA Society of Minnesota.


CFA Society Minnesota is the premier professional organization for investment professionals in the Twin Cities area and throughout our midwest region, the place to connect with CFA® Charterholders. With members in five states and a wide variety of industries, we strive to serve our broad membership through relevant educational programming, membership support services and opportunities for advancement such as networking events and discounts on educational materials.

Please note that the content of this site should not be construed as investment advice, nor do the opinions expressed necessarily reflect the views of FreezingAssets.org, CFA Society Minnesota or CFA Institute.